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Can I Extend Liability on My Home Insurance to My Vacant Land?

Actually, liability is extended to vacant property automatically. However, and this is very important, what we consider vacant land is probably not what the insurance industry understands as “vacant”. According to the ISO (Insurance Service Office), the advisory organization that provides standardization in the insurance industry, vacant land is considered to be a property with […]

Will the Insurance Company Pay for Replacing My Aging Roof?

Unfortunately, there would not be coverage from your insurance company unless they had proof that the damage was caused by a recent, direct, sudden, and accidental loss (e.g. hurricane damage, tornado, hail damage, tree falling on the roof due to heavy winds, etc.). Insurance policies are not intended to be maintenance policies. You wouldn’t be […]

What If My Roof Is Older? Is It Harder To Insure

Unfortunately, due to a lot of insurance fraud, companies are very strict on roof age and condition, and it is getting very difficult to insure older roofs no matter what condition they are in. People with shingle roofs over 12 years old may find it difficult to shop insurance because options are getting limited. A […]

Should I Tell My Agent If I Get a New Roof?

Absolutely! In Florida, one of the most important features for insurance rating is the age of the roof. In fact, some companies will not even rate a roof older than 12 to 15 years old, so if you have an older roof, you may have fewer options. It makes sense that a new roof will […]

Is My Claim Covered?

First, we should note that we are not claims adjusters, we are insurance agents, so we cannot tell you whether you are covered or not, but we can tell you what coverages limits that you have purchased. Whether you have a home, auto, or business insurance claim, you should ask yourself 2 questions: Your insurance […]

Is George Soros Really Related To Progressive Insurance?

At S.A.I.A., we will occasionally hear a client express concerns about insurance their home or auto with Progressive due to their political affiliation to George Soros. We represent over 100 different insurance companies.  However, only one company strikes up a political conversation every so often. That is why I find myself writing this blog. I thought […]

How Do I Handle Lender Escrow Refunds?

Sometimes we may have to rewrite a policy at renewal or even during the middle of the policy period. If the customer has their premium paid by the lender, the billing may be a little confusing. What if the lender has already paid the previous insurance policy before it was rewritten? What happens if you […]

Do Higher Limits Mean Higher Premium?

It seems obvious that the more insurance you buy, the more it should cost, right? Not necessarily. Insurance companies have many different rating factors and limits are only a small factor in rating. Can you believe people that carry minimum limits of auto liability on average pay more than people that carry high limits of […]

Can You Quote Me If I Have an Open Claim?

Unfortunately, most companies will not give a quote if you currently have an open claim for the type of insurance that you are shopping for. The reason is that the companies need to assess the total payout and to verify that all repairs have been properly repaired. Some companies will apply a surcharge for prior […]

Can I Get Sinkhole Coverage in Florida?

Good question and the answer is maybe, but probably not. Unfortunately, in the mid-2000s, the insurance industry had a crisis on their hands that caused some companies to leave Florida, or worse, became insolvent. There were some attorneys and public adjusters that started to “test” the language of the insurance policy which stated that a […]