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Workers Compensation Credits

Did you know that you could qualify for Credits on your Workers Compensation policy? The 2 most common types of credits are Safety Credits 2% credit Is there someone who can help me to establish a Safety Plan for my business? (Reference, Florida Dept of Financial Services website) Drug Free workplace Credit- UP to a 5% premium […]

Commercial Property – Different Coverage Forms (Basic vs. Broad vs. Special)

A lot of business owners purchase commercial property insurance for their buildings, but rarely do they know what they are purchasing. There are 3 different coverage forms: Basic, Broad and Special. It makes sense that Basic has the least amount of coverages and Special has the most, so the more coverage you get, the more […]

How Much Does Restaurant Insurance Cost?

Running a restaurant comes with many challenges. In addition to providing great food and service, restaurant owners also must think about protecting the business. Accidents, injuries, storms, or other issues can unexpectedly cause expensive damage or legal problems. Without enough insurance, even one big claim could force a serious restaurant owner to close forever. Figuring […]

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover for Contractors

If you work as a home remodeler or construction contractor, then general liability or contractor insurance or liability insurance for contractors is very important. It protects your business from financial losses if accidents happen on job sites. General liability contractor insurance, also called commercial general liability (CGL) insurance for contractors, helps keep contractors responsible and […]

What Business Restaurant Insurance Policy?

Operating a restaurant comes with significant risks that can threaten the financial stability of the small business itself. Between the dangers of a foodborne illness, illnesses contaminated food itself, equipment malfunctions, food contamination, customer accidents, and employee injuries; unforeseen losses are an unfortunate reality for many food service establishments. While downtime from claims and legal […]

What Is General Liability Insurance for Small Business?

If you own or operate a small business, general liability insurance (GL insurance) plays an important role in protecting your company from unforeseen financial losses. As a business owner, you face daily risks that could result in accidents or injuries occurring on or around your business premises. This is where GL insurance for small businesses […]

How Much for Commercial Insurance

Running a business takes hard work and investment. As an owner, you want to ensure your company can operate smoothly and succeed over the long run. One important way to support your business is by purchasing the right cost of commercial auto insurance. Comprehensive business insurance costs nothing and the comprehensive coverage gives you protection […]

Safeguarding Your Future: A Look At Occupational Accident Insurance For Truck Drivers

occupational accident insurance for truckers

Situations involving accidents can occur at any time, and truck drivers are not exempt from this reality. Although most trucking companies provide general liability insurance for their employees, more is needed to cover the costs associated with an accident. This is where occupational accident policy comes into play. It is a type of insurance that […]