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Is George Soros Really Related To Progressive Insurance?

At S.A.I.A., we will occasionally hear a client express concerns about insurance their home or auto with Progressive due to their political affiliation to George Soros. We represent over 100 different insurance companies.  However, only one company strikes up a political conversation every so often. That is why I find myself writing this blog. I thought […]

How Do I Handle Lender Escrow Refunds?

Sometimes we may have to rewrite a policy at renewal or even during the middle of the policy period. If the customer has their premium paid by the lender, the billing may be a little confusing. What if the lender has already paid the previous insurance policy before it was rewritten? What happens if you […]

Do Higher Limits Mean Higher Premium?

It seems obvious that the more insurance you buy, the more it should cost, right? Not necessarily. Insurance companies have many different rating factors and limits are only a small factor in rating. Can you believe people that carry minimum limits of auto liability on average pay more than people that carry high limits of […]

Can You Quote Me If I Have an Open Claim?

Unfortunately, most companies will not give a quote if you currently have an open claim for the type of insurance that you are shopping for. The reason is that the companies need to assess the total payout and to verify that all repairs have been properly repaired. Some companies will apply a surcharge for prior […]

No More Citizens Insurance in Florida

Schneider and Associates Insurance Agencies has developed this site for current Citizens customers looking for an alternative insurance policy. We represent over 20 different homeowners and mobile home companies in the state of Florida, so if you are looking to move away from the state insurance company, we may be able to help. Please review […]

Employers Liability and Workers Compensation

Did you know that there are several parts to workers compensation insurance?Part one is Workers compensation insuranceWorkers compensation insurance is what we are most familiar with and covers injuries to your employees when they get hurt at work, this part has no limit.Part Two is Employers liability insuranceEmployers liability insurance is intended to help protect […]

What is Rental Reimbusement Coverage?

Rental Car Reimbursement (AKA Rental Car Coverage) is an added endorsement that you can purchase on your auto policy.  This endorsement provides you a certain amount of coverage per day (e.g. $30 per day) in order to rent another vehicle while your vehicle is at the repair shop.  Don’t pick the wrong repair shop, though, […]

What is an HO8 Policy

An HO8 Policy is known as a modified coverage form.  It is a Named Peril Policy that covers the building on an Actual Cash Value Basis (Replacement Cost minus Depreciation). The Named Perils covered are the following:  More important to note is what is not covered by an HO8. The two main losses not covered would be Water […]

Progressive Loyalty Rewards

It Saves to Stay As with many auto insurance companies, your loyalty gives you additional rewards beyond just a great price.  There may always be an option out there that may save you a few dollars per year, but before you make the switch, be sure to think about more than just price. Consider Service […]