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Is My Claim Covered?

First, we should note that we are not claims adjusters, we are insurance agents, so we cannot tell you whether you are covered or not, but we can tell you what coverages limits that you have purchased. Whether you have a home, auto, or business insurance claim, you should ask yourself 2 questions: Your insurance […]

Work Comp Minimum Payrolls for Officers and Owners in 2021

In Florida, Officers and Owners who are included on a workers’ compensation policy are subject to a minimum payroll amount. Unless they hold a valid exemption from workers’ comp, corporate officers, members of limited liability companies (LLCs), sole proprietors, and partners of a partnership are charged at least this amount of payroll for the policy […]

What is an HO8 Policy

An HO8 Policy is known as a modified coverage form.  It is a Named Peril Policy that covers the building on an Actual Cash Value Basis (Replacement Cost minus Depreciation). The Named Perils covered are the following:  More important to note is what is not covered by an HO8. The two main losses not covered would be Water […]

Progressive Loyalty Rewards

It Saves to Stay As with many auto insurance companies, your loyalty gives you additional rewards beyond just a great price.  There may always be an option out there that may save you a few dollars per year, but before you make the switch, be sure to think about more than just price. Consider Service […]

Should I Sell It, Or Insure It?

Auto Insurance – Is it worth insuring a rarely used vehicle? The quick answer is “Yes”.  If you have a vehicle that is registered and tagged for road use, it has to be insured or you may pay hefty fines by the state you live in.  We have a lot of customers that have said […]

Can I get Sinkhole Coverage in Florida?

Good question and the answer is…maybe…but probably not.  Unfortunately, in the mid 2000’s, the insurance industry had a crisis on their hand that caused some companies to leave Florida, or worse, became insolvent.  There were some attorneys and public adjusters that started to “test” the language of the insurance policy which stated that sinkhole was […]

How to file or renew your Workers Compensation exemption in Florida

To save money on workers compensation insurance, some officers will exempt themselves.  Since WC is based on payroll, this will reduce the premium of your policy.  However, it also means you will not be covered if injured. For the state of Florida, the website to file for an exemption is: Choose your industry based on whether you […]

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and Crime Coverage in Florida

Members on the board of a Homeowners Association have many responsibilities and managing the insurance for the association is one of them. Did you know that in Florida Homeowners Associations (HOAs) are required to maintain crime insurance or what is known as a fidelity or crime bond? Fidelity bonds help protect your business against employee […]

A Checklist for our Snowbirds

Your heading back up north for the summer.  I get it.  You want to avoid the harsh summer heat and the hurricane threats that come with Florida summers.  However, your home isn’t going anywhere.  It will have to bear the humidity, the heat, the high winds and the torrential rain storms. Before you say goodbye […]

Insurance Premiums Are Rising — Here’s What You Need To Know

Businesses are reopening across the nation and a sense of normalcy is cause for celebration. But you might want to hit the brakes on the festivities when your insurance renewal arrives. Sticker shock: The new normal is far from business as usual. While businesses waited for supply to catch up to demand, other calamities didn’t […]