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The main difference between a gable and hip roof is that a gable roof has two sloping sides that meet at a ridge, while a hip roof has four sloping sides that meet at the top of the roof. Gable roofs are more common than hip roofs, and they are typically less expensive to build. However, hip roofs are more energy-efficient and provide better protection from the elements.

Here is a more detailed comparison of the two roof types:

Hip Roof

Gable Roof

What’s considered better for home insurance purposes?
A hip roof is better for home insurance than a gable roof and is a discount with most companies. This discount can vary between 5-10% of the “wind portion” of your home insurance premium. Here are some of the reasons why a hip roof is better for home insurance:

If you are looking for a roof that will provide you with the best possible protection from the elements and the best possible value for your home insurance, then a hip roof is the best option.

What if I have both Hip and Gable? Will I still get a discount?

Many homes are built with a mixture of hip and gable roof designs.  This is trendier and more appealing to home buyers than a home that is all hip or all gable.  Although each company is different in determining if a hip roof discount can be applied, most insurance companies require 90% of your roof to be hip. The best way to determine this may be to get the linear measurements of the exterior of your home.  If the roof slopes down in over 90% of the exterior walls, then your home will likely qualify for a “hip roof credit”.